• Sandra Boynton: Rhinoceros Tap

    Sandra Boynton: Rhinoceros Tap
    I don't care what age you are: if you have a sense of humor and are looking for *musical* children's music, you will love this book and CD. Sandra Boynton's illustrations are, of course, wonderful, but each one is surrounded by all the lyrics -- every single word heard on the recording. And if that were not enough, the full musical score is printed in the back.

  • : Ella & Louis

    Ella & Louis
    If I could only have one CD, this is the one I'd pick. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, backed by Oscar Peterson, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown and Buddy Rich. Every performer is a master, every song is a classic.

  • : Jacky Terrasson

    Jacky Terrasson
    This is a wonderful jazz piano disc. Terrasson has lightning-fast fingers, but more importantly, his improvisations are fluid, intriguing, clever and sometimes humorous.

  • : The Commitments: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    The Commitments: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    I don't really care if I ever see the movie again (though it was good), but I love this CD. Essential music for days when you've just gotta dance -- and for days when you want to get there.

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  • Lisa Summer: Music: The New Age Elixir

    Lisa Summer: Music: The New Age Elixir
    This is an important book which debunks the claims of many "music healers" and others who ignore, misuse, fabricate or misinterpret research to back up their claims and sell books, CDs and seminars. Lisa is angry and it shows; but I don't mind, because I've been just as frustrated. (Note: amazon is inexplicably offering this book in a pair with a book by one of the people criticized in Lisa's text. I recommend buying only this one.)